Industrial Batch Ovens
GBM Industries can be a trusted name for buying Bench oven, Box Oven, Cabinet Oven and other industrial batch ovens. These ovens are designed for small, medium to large industries. Operator can operate this batch oven for maximum productivity.
Industrial Ovens
GBM Industries can provide you industrial oven of your choice. Whether you are looking for Composite Curing Oven, Direct Gas Fired Oven or Drum Heating Oven, we have a solution. These ovens are used in several industries for many industrial operations.
Conveyor Ovens
You can rely on GBM Industries for purchasing Belt Conveyor Oven, Electric Continuous Oven, Gas Fired Conveyor Oven and other conveyor ovens. These high performance ovens are easy to use and maintain. Get these oven for your factory at market leading price.
Powder Coating Plants
GBM Industries can make you available Batch Type Powder Curing Oven, Conveyor Powder Curing Oven, Conveyorised Powder Coating Plant or any other kind of powder coating plant. Efficient powder coating on products is possible with these powder coating plants.
Liquid Painting Plant
GBM Industries can be your partner when looking for a manufacturing company that can meet your demand for liquid painting plant. The kinds we make available include Down Draft Painting Booth, Conveyorised Liquid Painting Plant and more. One can perform the painting task with ease using these plant.
Infrared Ovens
GBM Industries can be your right choice for buying Infrared Batch Ovens, Infrared Conveyor Oven or any other kind of infrared oven. Industry that can use these ovens is automotive for the purposes of relaxing fabric, removing moisture or removing wrinkles on cloth or vinyl.
Liquid Coating Plant
We are dealing in Liquid Coating Plants, which render suitable flow of clean air. The plants come with non-refundable filters and serve as the highly cost-effective choices for low volume spray painting operations. These can be effortlessly employed for both metal as well as plastic parts.
Powder Curing Oven
Use this powder curing oven, set the heating time and wait for the powder coated parts and components to completely cure. No contaminants can enter into the powder curing oven. 

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